Cloud Migration

On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Achieve digital transformation without disrupting day-to-day business operations.

Seamlessly migrate on-premises data, servers and applications to the cloud using YourAWS’s proven processes. Our team of certified cloud experts helps customers find the best possible path to the cloud that meets all of their strategic business needs.

Cloud to Cloud Migration

Switch cloud platforms based on changing business needs and ever-evolving markets.

YourAWS advocates that since business requirements, goals, and platform components alter over time, it’s critical for organisations to maintain their content’s adaptability with a hassle-free multi-cloud strategy to manage workloads across multiple clouds.

Migration Strategies

Rehost or Lift-&-Shift

Rehosting necessitates removal of the stack from on-premises hosting and migrating it to the cloud. The original environment is cloned and migrated without any significant changes for the quickest return on investment.

Re-platform or Lift & Optimize

Replatforming incorporates certain operating system improvements, adjustments to the applications’ APIs, and middleware upgrades in addition to a conventional lift-and-shift, but the fundamental design of the application is left untouched.

Repurchase or Drop & Shop

Dropping the existing license agreement (or it expires) and going for a new platform or service in its place, is what re-purchasing is all about; which involves changing the proprietary application in use for the new cloud-based platform or service.

Refactor or Re-architect

Refactoring, which can be the most compatible technique with future versions, involves starting over with the applications due to a business requirement, to use cloud features that are not available in the current environment.

Retain or hybrid model

A hybrid infrastructure is developed when classifying the workload in the retention strategy, where some workloads are hosted in the cloud and some workloads are retained on-premise. As a result, one would just migrate what is necessary for their business.


Some infrastructure parts can be easily switched off for many sophisticated areas of applications without any loss of productivity or value for the end users. This is accomplished by retiring or archiving unnecessary components while substituting alternative services and components for their functions.

Migration TCO Analysis & Optimisation

With YourAWS’s TCO assessment, measure the economics of the cloud assets over the service life cycle. We provide customers moving to the cloud with a total cost of ownership analysis that addresses the financial components of the migration. The analysis compares the costs to be borne during and after the migration with the costs of the local infrastructure, also suggesting optimizations along the migration path to reduce costs and increase profits.

Data Migration Expertise

AWS Migration Hub

Track application migration progress across multiple AWS solutions

AWS Server Migration Service

Move large workloads to AWS from on-premises servers

AWS Database Migration Service

Migrate on-prem databases to AWS

AWS Application Migration Service

Migrate applications to cloud

AWS Application Discovery Service

Discover on-premises server inventory and behavior